Adana vip araç kiralama ve transfer hizmetleri.

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About Us
The road map of the qualities in prestige and service is in your hand and in the right direction ...

As Adana Vip Car Rental Family; Since 2001, we are proud of continuing successful maritime activities with our esteemed customers, especially in tourism transportation, v.i.p, express, hotel transfer, field transfer, congress and seminar organizations.
With our constant development target, we carry our service quality more and more every day, keeping in mind the requirements of unconditional customer satisfaction, we continue our work for 12 months / 7 days / 24 hours.

In Adana and the surrounding areas, we offer services based on experience that will meet all the transfer needs of Tourism sector and manage time well. We use the transition superiority for a fast and safe journey to different destinations with our fleet of vehicles with different alternatives.

We think like you, our vision of knowing the value of respect and planning we are developing, we are well organized. By understanding the importance of the work and the person, we cooperate and go beyond expectations with our security and service quality ...
The services we provide are the last of our savings, which reaches the target mass of this great service network. For this reason, we are constantly evaluating and rating our services. These evaluations and grades are reflected not only in us, but also in the first and foremost of our clients as "acentalar", from the destination we serve to the image of the country to the image of the country, so we take the initiative in every step of the process and we investigate all the recurrences without ignoring them. .

We know that having a safe driving skills, a guru face, and a team that does business nicely does not make a difference, on the contrary, it is the basic building blocks of the work we do.

With this sensitivity and continuous work we are continuing our innovative ability and we are proudly carrying the leadership flag by shedding light on the future of our industry.